The return of the Transpontine Trek to start off Sunday morning.

I always call it my South London half marathon.

But sadly it's not - 9 miles, although it feels like 13.

It's a wonderful route that takes in the leafier suburbs of Clap'ham, the beauty of Brockwell Park, and then back towards Brixton.

The lap around Larkhall Park in Sunny Stockwell towards the close is almost a lap of honour.

I use to consider once around Larkhall an achievement.

Sunday morning was characterised by a burst of rain around Brixton, a friendly chase side by side with a Stockwell street drinker, and the sighting of the wonderful Clap'ham Tranny.

He / She was wearing a bikini.

Suits you, um Sir / Madam.

A quick scrub up back in Sunny Stockwell, a bit of Dulwich bloggage and then it was:

To Brixton Rec!

It was the final home court game of the season for the Brixton Topcats Ladies team.

Each time that I head to the Rec now I try and find a new route. I LOVE Stockwell Road, but I've got a 1TB external hard drive stuffed full of photographs of it over the past two decades.

I cut through a couple of estates, each time finding something new to capture.

the game itself was pretty brutal. They are a tough lot those bball lady players.

The final result was never in any doubt with the Topcats always having slightly more skill than the visitors from Leicester.

I shall miss the bball game over the summer break.

And then it was back Sunny Stockwell under bruising skies, packing the bag and then back to over there.

Oh dear.

The journey was livened up with Mike Westbrook's Abbey Road JAZZ interpretation.

I haven't heard that in a couple of year.

I tried to sing some to the mad cat when I arrived back over there.

She ran underneath the bed.


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