Up early for a bit of Brixton Buzz action. It's quite something when the Save Cressingham campaign confronts Ed Miliband.

Fine work, Sir.

And then it was:

To the Lido!

I was greeted shortly before 8am by @oneeyedgrey and his amazing bowler hat.

The Swaggering Dandy tells me that it is all part of National Wear a Hat Day. I suspect that he was just showboating.

And why not?

He absolutely ACED it.

I tried it on in the gents. My head is just too round for a bowler.

@Mutley69 made some nice pleasantries. He was half-naked at the time.

And then the swim.


As ever: so this is what it feels like to be ALIVE in South London.

The first length was rubbish. I made the error of wearing my aquatic socks.

As soon as I dived in they became bloated with the cool waters of Lake Brockwell. I ditched them in the shallow end.

Ten lengths later and I was buzzing for the day.

IN YER FACE, Friday.

A rather awkward conversation followed in the gents with the Chief Exec of Lambeth Living.

We were both half-naked at the time, etc. We both ended up smiling.

The atmosphere soon changed as the school day started in SW9. I don't want to go into the details, but there was an incredibly poignant assembly that simply had to take place.

It was carried out by all to perfection.

The rest of the day was charming. It's impressive how these kids manage to pick themselves up.

My highlight was Boy Y with his best ever quote during a drama session:

"Is Tom Cruise a Jackie Chan rip off?"


It was also Wear Your Own Clothes Day, being the final day of teaching ahead of the Easter break.

Purely by mistake I appeared to come dressed as a school pupil with my V-neck and shirt.

Smart, Casual.


Friday evening was spent on an SE17 school night out over in Camberwell.

Which was interesting.

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