A glorious ride in on the Route of the Kings.

LOVE the No. 35 bus.

The journey this morning was made all the more worthwhile with the spotting of bona fide donkey jacket.


It was proper Dexy's Geno style, and worn by a youngish fella as well.

I would love to have the fashion sense to still be able to carry the Young Soul Rebel look.

I was wearing a Paisley cravat I might add - and heading for a primary school as well.

I somehow managed to survive the Cravat Day in SE17. My colleagues are either extremely polite, or they are probably too busy to even notice.

Probably too busy to even notice...

A bit of an over here, over there day in SE17.

It wasn't helped by some tech woes. I had a very kind invite invite to go and capture a lovely Year 1 / Year 5 literacy buddy session.


Except I foolishly forgot to charge my main camera overnight. Plus my bloody iPhone was almost full when I tried to record some video.

Your Photo Stream is stored internally?


Didn't know that.

I did the rather energetic Insanity workout after school once again. I've no idea what I'm doing.

ACED it though.

My two fitness companions were probably still younger than me with their ages combined.

Still got it, Comrades.

I walked it back to SW8 once again, just as the Transpontine skies were starting to darken. Kennington looked pretty dramatic.

I've not been in the flat for over a week now. Anna has done some pretty fine work on the DIY front.

My contribution was to put on a colour load of washing.

A bit of Brixton Buzz FoI business took up the early evening. We've hit a brick wall.

There is a definite art to knowing precisely how to pitch your FoI. I'm still learning...

Know your place.

We did hit a late spike with something of a decent story.

SO much more to tell here...

LIDO bound tomorrow morning :blush:

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