The highlight of the morning swimming trip was passing a pheasant on the trail.

It was beautiful - cocksure, pruning and looking slightly out of place.

A bit like me in the pool.

The morning shift soundtrack was the ever unpredictable Late Junction.

First Track: God's Comic from Costello's Spike.


Back in the day and the Fair City crowd that I use to run with worshipped this album.

25 springs ago and Spike and Shakespeare Alabama were both the soundtrack for what seemed like the weekly Wembley trips with Forest.

It's a powerful record that holds so many memories of the time.

It was slightly... odd, hearing it once again on Tuesday morning.

No Wembley trip, either.

@RobertElms was just BRILLIANT.

I love Wednesdays and Notes & Queries.

Anyone know anything about the Hampstead Heath donkey rides?


You'd be surprised.

What followed was some fantastic social history calls. The Donkeys of Hampstead Heath was soon explained.

And what about the Elephant & Castle Donkey Market?

ACE radio.

It's all about the social stories, Comrades.

TfL confirmed mid-afternoon that the Stockwell gyratory proposals will take place.


They are far from ideal, but the War Memorial Gardens remain hellish for cyclists.

This has been the case for the past 20 years since I've been cycling through.

It's not as simple as transport infrastructure changes leading to gentrification, but yeah - Stockwell IS changing.

Anna and I were both gobsmacked after only four years away.

I ran into a red tape localgov brick wall late in the day.


I tried to bypass the usual localgov procedural crap by approaching a friendly local Cllr over a certain 'access issue' that is coming up.

I was helpfully told that the Chief Exec is very sympathetic to my request - ask the Top Man.

So I did.

He was out of office.

But the red tape localgov brick wall rebounded, with the mail finding its way to the Head of Democratic Services - the exact route that I wanted to avoid.


Access denied.

Wednesday evening was spent with work admin, and backing up the back ups of the back ups across all my sites.

Phew. Rock 'n' Roll.

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