Another day lost to work.

Or maybe that should be the other way around?

It felt like lost. But at least it was all carried out on the Desk from the Raj / Colchester.

The To Do list didn't even have a slight dent made into it.

Some days are better than others.

Plus my hair has gone shit.


Ha, bloody ha.

I've no idea what it is, but something isn't right.

How hard can it be for a No. 2 all over to fuck up?

The past couple of months has seen it collapse. I think I need to downgrade to a No. 1.

I played around a little later in the evening with @DaveWiner's latest blogging tool.

The speed in which he is shipping these snacks and micro snacks is incredible. All of them are relevant as well.

My issue is that I'm already locked down with other CMS silos - the very point that Dave is trying to prove with his wonderful open source ideas.

One of the golden rules of blogging is not to start a blog simply because you like the platform.

...said the man who decided over a year ago to use Dave's for this very same hit and miss blog.

Prefab Sprout were LOVELY today btw.

Optimistic of a better work / life balance for tomorrow.

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