The start of the Spring Classic season.

And so on the morning that the Milan San Marino rolled out, Anna and I cycled off on the traditional Wifey Weekend ride.

It was rubbish.

That's not quite true. We both have many, many more miles to build up before we are back anywhere near a half decent riding pace.

It was noticeable that the number of riders is starting to build up. The summer road bikes have come out once again and the lanes are starting to fill up.

This was the first time that I have done the Weekender route on the new roadie.

As ever, I was paranoid about punctures. The gravel heavy surfaces didn't help.

We stopped off at the pool for a tame swim and a clean up come the close. Thirty lengths, and then some time spent in the spa.

And then it was back to base to watch... the Milan San Marino.

I LOVE the Spring Classics - possibly more so than the Grand Tours. It is the anticipation of what lies ahead after a winter of pro-cycling inactivity.

Milan San Marino didn't disappoint. The bunch speed was BONKERS.

How the hell did they all managed to remain upright?

I published the pics from the Brightlingsea BOOZE walk from Saturday, and then we both had a glorious later afternoon gardening session in the estuary sunlight.

It's getting there...

The depressing, dampness of the estuary winter months are drying out. 'Things' are growing. I've no idea what but the garden does have the first hints of colour.

And then it was METROKNOBBERS with Darryl.

We spoke about the Whig Party.


Sunday evening was spent publishing a little more school content ahead of the new working week, as well as some phone envy with Anna's new iPhone 6.

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