Not great cycling conditions for the Wifey Weekend Roll Out on Saturday morning.

Hey hoe.

Let's go for a run instead.

It was ACE.

The light drizzle and light breeze was ideal for pounding the mean streets of C07.

I even managed something of a middle-aged sprint finish back to base.

Take that, creaking calf muscles.

A cravat somehow then found its way around my neck.

You cad.

Out went the shout of:

"To the Farmer's Market! Looking like a rural Dandy!"

We're not from London.


£10 all in bought us five generously proportioned servings of SAUSAGE MEAT, some bacon, a bag of carrots, a bundle of leaks, some carrots and an onion bag.

You could even write a blog about that.

We then wandered down to the Quay to see our framing man. The poor fella is slowly working his way through our Sunny Stockwell requirements.

Saturday was all about Le Tour - two TfL posters picked up and all ready to be packaged back to SW8.

Good luck with that one, Anna.

Brightlingsea BOOZE followed.

A brisk walk with Anna out along the estuary wilds.

I think that we've done this before.

As ever, the chase was always better than the kill.

But The Railway remains my FAVE boozer in the world right now.

We worked out way through the menu - mild, to light to fuck knows what.

Class War was breaking out in the main saloon.

Football Vs rugby, anarchy Vs UKIP.

An inclusive pub.


A brief bus ride back from Brightlingsea, and then we settled down for The Man on the Moon DVD.

It's probably been a couple of years since we last watched the film. It remains one of my all time favourites.

Tony Clifton is a STAR.

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