I was awoken by the mad cat at 5am this morning.


Me, not her.


I didn't anticipate spending the very early part of my birthday morning editing and publishing school pdf's, but hey hoe.

Job's a good 'un.

I had heavy legs for the short ride to the pool. I've no idea what happened there.

I managed to beat the Butterfly Boy who was poncing about in the pool.

He may have had the style, but I had the splash.

All in yer face.

Take that, Butterfly Boy.

And then it was an odd stop / start working day for the rest of the birthday celebrations.

I managed a mid-afternoon escape for a BIG BOY Birthday Ride.

I was wrapped up in full lycra from top to toe. I probably could have got away with a pair of shorts

I was slightly paranoid about punctures. Two rides, two POPS for the new road bike isn't a good ratio.

It was third time lucky as I did the Tendring loop in a half-decent time. I picked up the pace for the final third, finding a decent rhythm to tap out for the home stretch.

Funky Friday with @RobertElms was ACE. There was an old school rocksteady feel to it. I felt like I was back in my youth club days once again.

More work, and then a returning Anna returned with BOOZE.

Somehow we spent my birthday evening watching D***y Vs Wolves.

How the hell did that happen?

Oh yeah - the eclipse was crap.

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