An impressive spring high tide for the short ride to the pool this morning.

Sadly the water in the pool was not so impressive.

I was caught up yet again in the whirlpool created by the aquatic roly poly ladies.

They shift some water mass, those girls.

Time was tight, and so only 30 lengths.

It still felt ACE.

Swim to live, live to swim.

Work shifts filled up the morning. These were cheered up [?] with PMQ's.

I seemed to be on something of political death wish by listening to the bloody budget as well.

Work, work, and work carried me through all afternoon.

I played around a little with the Alpha invite for Adio early evening.

Marc has built a brilliant tool that has so much potential. I'm still trying to think of the best way that I can use the tech for both work and play.

As ever, online storytelling is key here.

The rest of the evening was swallowed up with the CBC Cabinet meeting for @ColchChronic.


It was a packed Grand Jury Room with the street traders angry about the changes to their pitch.

It was like a plot out of a dodgy version of Eastenders.

But Localism is alive.


Have Your Say is just that. TEN street traders addressed Cabinet.

The policy remains the same however.

I managed to blag a lift back to base with a man I know only as the Colchester Peasant.

Funny old town.

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