Spring is in the air.

And so is that bloody awful smog.

The cycle to the pool was a mixture of suffocating on the smog, and then breathing in the smell of freshly cut grass.

I was soon covered from top to toe in the overbearing stench of chlorine.


The swims have been rather successful of late.

Another 40 lengths ticked off for today, each one completed at an increasing pace.

I'm tempted to do something with all of this swimming activity.

We're not talking about crossing the Channel. But I do need a swimming challenge in which to work towards.

I may even swim back in Brixton Rec once again...

It was another day of being called 'buddy' by everyone.


At the pool, through work calls - even Mr BT on the phone referred to me as BUDDY.

I have never met Mr BT.

Where did all of this come from, Buddy?

It was a most odd day music wise.

The working soundtrack went from Prince's Dirty Mind to Prefab Sprout's Jordan: The Comeback.

Somewhere in-between was Richard and Linda Thompson, as well as some Elvis Costello.


It was a WEIRD day on the Brixton Buzz front as well.

I did a complete re-write of an @SE1 story - having asked the good @SE1 first if he is fine with this.

He's a fine egg.

I added a little extra Lambeth context to the story, not really expecting much, but at least covering the FoI story.

And then WOH.

Engagement twaddle - but yeah, we got it :blush:

We also had some tweets directed at us from the Leader of the Council. We're surprised she has the time to be honest with so many developers to hold elitist breakfasts with.

As ever, time is always the issue with BBuzz. Finding the stories is the easy part.

And then DARTS to finish off Thursday.

Um. BIG (ish) birthday tomorrow :blush:

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