The Wifey Weekend Roll Out was over before it even had the chance to get started.




It wasn't quite this drastic. We dragged ourselves out of bed incredibly early, donned the lycra and then went to get the roadies.

My rear tyre was as flat as my morning hair.

Anna pressed on with a solo ride. I think that she was just pleased to have some space.

I returned to the now familiar routine of catching the train into Colchester to get a new inner tube fixed.

I think that it is more than a puncture. My man at Colchester Cycles ripped out the rim tape and fitted a new lining.

The tape was loose. The theory is that it allowed a spoke to push through.

I stopped off at Velo whilst the wheel was being seen to.

I haven't caught up with Richard for a while.

We had a charming coffee conversation covering bikes, promoting bikes and beer & bikes all on the agenda.

Um, Chapeau!

I managed a little more shopping around town. I seriously considered buying a top hat that I found in my FAVE Sunny Colch charity shop.

It fitted me perfectly and it looked the part.

Exactly what part, I'm not so sure.

I may come back to this fixation in another five years time.

I sprinted back to base on the roadie, keen to push the bike to the max and test out the the rear wheel.

All seemed fine.

Anna and I wandered down to the Quay mid-morning. We had a date with our picture framing man.

We offloaded eight pictures for the Stockwell flat just before Christmas. The poor chap is just about there with our framing requirements.

I was particularly pleased with the print of Stockwell Bus Garage. It will look grand next to the window that overlooks... Stockwell Bus Garage.

We both hit the bikes once again around luncheon for a late swim.

It was a parallel effort, swimming side by for 40 lengths. I'm not sure who was pushing who.

Anna showboated with her tumble turns. Slow and steady wins the race for me.

We stopped off at the University during the ride back. I've not been back on campus in around four years.

The Something Fierce exhibition was on our radar. This reflects on 50 years of radicalism at the University of Essex. It was ACE.

We couldn't resist a cheeky pint and a late luncheon in the SU bar.

I think that we just about got away with it.

And then back to base for a bit of a garden tidy up, and then the Man City match early evening.

And a delightful paneer curry.

I edited and published the school content from SW9 from Friday, bashed out a bit of Chronic bloggage, and then the rest of Saturday was spent in the company of sloe gin.

Chin chin.

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