Red Nose Day at the Lovely Lido.


"I don't like to talk about my charity commitments" I told @oneeyegrey at poolside shortly before 8am.

Truth be told and I think that we were both being tight arses.

Plus I didn't fancy a swim wearing a red nose.

The lido is all about routine. I like to arrive at the same time, put in roughly the same number of lengths, and then collect my thoughts for the day ahead as I get changed in solace.

It usually ends up with rutting stags in the gents flicking towels at each other.

The wags.

And so ten lengths in a tepid 10 degrees pool.

It was lovely.

I ditched the rubber gloves and socks. Soon I will be down to one swimming hat and not the slightly over-cautious current pairing.

I had a short ride back through Brixton, and then on for towards Sunny Stockwell and a working day in SW9.

Many highlights. It all kinda passed me by.

From memory there was a Red Nose assembly, a deep Y11 discussion all about the death penalty, some Y8 literacy, a bit of baseball back in Y11, literacy once again with Y7 and then baking a chocolate cake with Y9.

As ever, I came out smiling.

Boy Y was brilliant. We spoke about a new class reading book. He explained about the setting, the plot, the style of writing.

I asked him who his favourite character is.


We weren't reading Spiderman.


The commute back to over there went a little wrong.

Somehow I managed to board a Braintree train.


A bit of smart thinking and I was soon back on course.

Friday evening was filled with cricket catch ups with Anna, and weirdly watching bloody Labour Door Step videos.

We're hopeful of a big ride out tomorrow morning.

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