A morning ride in on the No. 35 Route of Kings.

I LOVE that bus. From Ldn Bridge down to the Walworth Road. It's all there.

And then it was all about SCIENCE WEEK in SE17

I confess to being slightly thrown by it all.

I'm fine with Literacy Week; I can bodge my way around Maths Week.

But Science Week?

That 'O' Level Grade D in physics never really was of any use.

Thankfully I was helped out by some Y6 pupils. We filtered down some dirty river water and made it almost drinkable.

Clever kids.

Not so clever Jase.

Like I FOOL I stepped forward for the after school Insanity workout session with a much younger staff member.

I just about kept up with his pace.

We both wisely made a pact not to go topless midway through the workout, as the dudes in the DVD have no shame in doing.

The Brompton was back in the flat and so I took the opportunity to walk back down to Sunny Stockwell.

The blossom is out on the trees lining Kennington Park. It was still light when I reached SW8 around 5:45pm.

The cricket season starts soon...

A quick LIDL trip, and then Thursday evening was spent editing school content and a little Brixton Buzz action.

Optimistic of a lovely lido session tomorrow morning.

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