A treacle swim in a treacle pool first thing.


Bring back the Lovely Lido.

I did manage to tick off 50 lengths, but it was very much going through the motions.

Most of the morning was spent sorting out the mess Anna had created over the weekend: mending the washing line, repairing garden tools, washing wet lycra.

All very rewarding.

I made a brief trip up to the vets to pick up some more worming juice for the mad cat.

She thanked me by doing one of her incresingly ridiculous rolls, right in front of her food.

The bowl of Felix went flying.


We were asked at Brixton Buzz later in the morning to take part in an 'exciting new project.'

The phrase 'pop-up' appeared in the blurb.

Ha, bloody ha.

The Enemy Within, etc. We agreed, but not before putting forward our friends from Save Cressingham, Brixton Community Utd and Ritzy Living Wage first.

Work shifts then ate up most of the afternoon and evening.

@RobertElms was after bird songs. It was good to hear him play my suggestion of the Be Good Tanyas and the Littlest Bird.


I was called a "New Labour-style policy wonk" later in the day.

Oh dear.

Someone has fallen asleep at the back.

Which just shows how misunderstood the modern interweb can make you appear.

Don't let the Lambeth Comrades know about my sudden Third Way reversal.

I managed to escape for a brief bike ride in-between shifts.

An ACE head clearer.


I spent the rest of the evening publishing the content from SE21 collected yesterday.

Happy with that :blush:

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