A Brompton rest day.


The forecast was for a heavy downpour at around 5pm when I would be leaving Herne Hill.

It never happened.

But it was a decent commute in, all aboard the No.3 bus.

Those bloody Brixton station queues.


I still don't quite understand why folk don't find alternative transport.

I was actually incredibly early for the working day in SE21. It was good to spend some social time with the kids in the playground.

A productive day followed. I've had busier sessions in SE21, but I still came out with 2,000+ words, 80 images, seven videos and two pieces of audio.

Job's a good 'un.

I just need to find the time to edit and publish it all now.

Man Utd Vs Arsenal took up most of the evening.

Plus a most splendid bolognaise.

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