A morning for socialising rather than swimming.

I managed two widths of Tooting Bec Lido.


But it was worth it for the many conversations that I had with fellow competitors at the South London Swimming Club Gala.

I cycled up Brixton Hill shortly after breakfast and through Streatham.

This was MY South London back in the day.

Our original base was on the borders of Brixton and Streatham. I still have a very fond spot for this part of town.

The old house was still standing. I felt like John Major going back to his Brixton roots and pointing out parts of his history.

I hadn't really given much though to the Swimming Gala to be honest.

Be there for 9:30am and we'll take it from there, was the message.

I haven't swam / swum in Tooting in over five years now. It's just TOO big for me.

Lucky we were doing widths then this morning.

The Brockwell Swimmers team wasn't an official endorsement from the Lovely Lido, but it was a team with very strong Brockwell roots.

I was down for x4 relay race, and then a x8 relay race.

As with the Brockwell Gala earlier on this year, the races come thick and fast.

The last thing a cold water swimmer wants it to be standing around waiting to get in the water again.

The tricky part was to judge when to strip off.

My first race was No. 8. I stripped down after race No. 4, and then tried to make sure that my manhood wasn't disappearing on me.

And then HONK! And we were off.

Thirty or so seconds later and that was it.

I think I finished last.

The x8 relay got a little muddled. It's the Brockwell way.

A decent morning though, albeit with a lack of swimming.

I thought of stopping off at Lake Brockwell during the cycle back down towards Brixton. But it would have been odd to get wet and then toweled up all over again.

Some light luncheon in Sunny Stockwell, and then I walked it back to Brixton.

The Topcats on the home Brixton Rec court was my entertainment for the afternoon.

The home team struggled right from the first buzzer against a very strong Loughborough Riders.

I walked back through a couple of estates and did the photoblog thing.

And then an evening of online catching up, plus some Jackie Wilson foot shufflin' around the flat.

Back to Lake Brockwell tomorrow morning :blush:

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