Back in the lovely lido swing of things for Saturday morning.

It wasn't exactly bright and early, but it was certainly Brockwell Blue.

The hangover from the night before at NOT How Does It Feel wasn't as bad first feared. It was soon washed away in the waters of Lake Brockwell.

The aim was for eight lengths. In the end I managed 12.

It was ACE.

An absolutely pure blue South London sky beaming down and reflecting a Brockwell blue around the four walls.

Seven degrees is around my favourite water temperature.

There was just enough of a kick to make sure that I kept all parts of my body moving. It was far from brutal. I probably could have managed another couple of lengths.

I cycled back through Brixton and was reminded how brilliant this place is when the sun comes out. It transforms the town.

I was inspired to carry out a spot of light gardening back in Sunny Stockwell.

The SW8 lavender garden is taking form. I've no idea what else Anna has planted, but some purple things are starting to shoot up as well.

As ever, gardening is the most social of activities.

A neighbour saw me out in the front, and then came down to offer up a few bulbs.

Very kind, Sir.

I even had time to give the Cobb Deluxe a quick clean, and then out went the shout of:

To Transpontine Del Curva!

I passed another rider on a Moulton space frame en route. The blossom in the trees along Camberwell New Road looked lovely.

And then the football.


Truth be told and I've not had the best of seasons with Dulwich. My rare visits this season have coincided with a pink 'n' blue defeat.

It was the same for Saturday with a 2-1 home defeat to the mysterious VCD Athletic.

The crowd was simply WOH - the sixth successive Saturday home match with over 1,000 fans down at Champion Hill.

I did a quick photo walk around the ground, and then settled down with some pals.

And they kept coming...

I LOVE the social experience that watching Dulwich has now become.

Saturday evening was spent staying indoors as the South London sun gracefully descended below the three towers of Battersea from my bedroom window.

I'm still slightly tired and emotional from the Brixton Big Night Out to Honest.

Tooting tomorrow.

Oh Lordy.

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