An early roll out for the first time on the new roadie to start the weekend.

I've been stroking the carbon and rubbing my rear wheel for the past couple of weeks in anticipation of this ride.


My late March birthday is traditionally the calendar signifier for the start of my Spring Classic cycling season.

But the dry estuary wilds roads on Saturday had me putting on the lycra and giving the Merida a spin.


I was slightly scared to be honest.

The bike frame measures up perfectly for my requirements. Everything has been fine-tuned to fit my needs.

But it's the tricky things such as cleat adjustments, handlebar responsiveness and a new frame weight that makes the first mile or so slightly nervy.

I didn't fall off. That's a start.

We did get lost leaving Wivenhoe though.


Blame Anna.

I was soon dancing on the pedals as we climbed Tenpenny Hill. It was round about here that the chain on my old roadie use to slip.

Woh - that felt smooth.

I soon became accustomed to the feel of the new handlebars, and then just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

We passed only one other group of riders. The numbers will start to build up over the coming weeks.

I pushed it slightly for the final run in and beat Anna back to base.

A good ride. I can't wait to get out again now and clock up some serious springtime mileage.

A quick scrub up, and then I caught the first half of the West Ham Vs Palace match. Gotta say that I've got a growing respect for the Holmesdale lot.

And then whisper it: I went to a local Labour party meeting.

Apologies, Comrades.

I think?

I've resolved not to really blog about it; I've resolved not to really get involved. I said as much at the meeting.

But the extreme right Tories around the estuary wilds scare the shit out of me.

I think that the Comrades liked my cravat.

Saturday evening was all about the darts, boxing and cricket.

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