A day spent Somewhere in SW9.

Never a wasted day.

You can never go wrong with bunsen burners to SEX UP science lessons. It was the same back in the day, and it remains so for 2015.

Count 'em: SEVEN science experiments all performed in a single lesson.

I learnt SEVEN new scientific facts.

I hope that my note taking skills are up to the task.

Elsewhere and I missed some of my favourite characters. Every school has them. If they are not around then their personalities are certainly missed.

After the Style Councillors from the night before, I then found myself attending School Council some 12 hours later.

No dancing (or crying) this time. Useful, all the same.

Come school chucking out time and the shout went out for:

To Shoreditch!

Oh Lordy.

I was very pleased to be asked to road test a new audio tech platform.

I was most impressed.

I'm already thinking about ways in which I can possibly integrate this into my work.

Forever changing.

Friday evening was spent catching up and thick custard.

There's talk of the first proper roadie ride of the spring season tomorrow morning.


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