A mixed day, on many fronts, Somewhere in SE17.

I really miss the social. I'm still operating with a pretty much hit and run attitude. Straight in, grab the content, and then move on.

It's the best way to work. You see so many wonderful things taking place around a school. You need to capture it there and then before it has gone.

But I do miss having the luxury of time to talk to friends there.

Hey hoe.

So some science with Y6 (got a little lost), a Y5 Diversity assembly (actually rather ACE) and helping (sort of) Y1 set up the Toy Museum.

Sadly I'll miss the grand opening tomorrow as I'm in SW9.

But yeah - I DO miss being full time in SE17.

I walked back home as it was a rare day without the Brompton. Wet weather and my cycling pride don't see eye to eye.

I love that walk through the back streets of Walworth, into Kennington and then back down the Clap'ham Road.

It was still light when I arrived back in Sunny Stockwell.

The front garden was looking delightful. Say what you like about Lidl, but the cheapo bulbs have certainly delivered this spring.

The garden has been transformed from this time last year when I hacked away at over a decade of neglect.

Gotta say that I'm rather proud of it.

Ivy must DIE.

A bit of an online catch up, and then it was:

To the 100 Club!


I'm trying to remember who I last saw down in the dark basement along Oxford Street. I think that it was Diesel Park West around 2010.

Topping the bill tonight was Probably the Best Pop Group in the World.

Yep - the Style Councillors.

Sadly it highly unlikely to ever be the real thing again. But the Councillors are damn close to the band that filled my spring steps with joy some 31 years ago.


I danced, I sung, I cried a little.

Got a Headstart for Happiness now.


Keep the Faith.

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