A slightly hairy cycle to the pool for Tuesday morning.

Not for me, but for a pesky squirrel.

The little fella darted out in front of me, sped across the road and underneath the body of a moving van, and then back underneath the rear of the moving van missing the rear wheels by tenths of a second.

I was most impressed.

I almost crashed myself just watching it all.

Becoming a big softie is part of growing up. I have noticed that the injustice towards the animal world is something that troubles me of late.

I have become a f-ing hippy.

NEVER trust a hippy.

The Tour de Norfolk scenes of last summer still play upon my mind.

I passed a couple of pheasants that had been hit by traffic. They were neither here nor there, taking in the last gasps of their life in the empty Norfolk lanes.

We'll have a Singing Assembly at school on Friday morning.

Betcha What a Wonderful World is up first.

And so a swim, a haircut and then work shifts.

That was Tuesday.

The haircut was much needed. Something is going wrong with my hair - even more so than usual.

How hard can it be for a No. 2 all over to mess up?

But it has been wonky since the last cut. I'm considering a No. 1 all over.

Either that or a FIG.

Glenn Miller was the surprise company for the work shifts.

Maybe I'm not becoming a hippy.

I put it down to the desk from the Raj / Colchester. It draws a man towards a more laid back pace of life.

It also draws a man towards sloe gin.

Chin chin.

I needed the BOOZE to see me through the evening; I needed the BOOZE to see me through the twenty docs that make up the Lambeth Council Cultural Consultation.


It's taken me over a month to plough through them. The bloody consultation will be over soon.

But yep - I finally finished them on Tuesday evening. I've got some half-arsed blog posts in the making.

I celebrated by watching the second half of the Man City Vs Barcelona match.

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