A day of catch ups and contemplation.

Plus some planning.

The estuary wilds is an unforgiving landscape. After the GLORIOUS walk out to Brightlingsea in search of BOOZE yesterday, Sunday was no day to be outside.

Anna played golf.

Silly girl.

I spent most of the day balls deep in the Lambeth Council Budget for 2015/16.

It wasn't exactly a page turner.

We've got a Brixton Buzz piece appearing tomorrow. I still need to make some headway through that the TWENTY docs that make up the Lambeth Council Cultural Consultation.

I watched Everton Vs L****er by mistake.

It was just on.

It was raining.

I settled down and had half an eye on Anna's Blue Nose boys, and half an eye on further online catch ups.

Early evening and I recorded METROKNOBBERS with @Darryl1974.

A quick turnaround - no planning, little editing and put it out there.

It's rough, but that's the way that we like it.

Time to move on and do the next thing.

Which for Sunday evening involved NBA, cricket and pancakes.

Anna and I are still coughing and wheezing btw.

We've made a Night Nurse pact for tonight.

Chin chin.

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