Heavy petting in the pool first thing Saturday.


Get a lane, etc.

You can spot a recently joined couple a mile off when it comes to the swimming touchy feely stuff.

Anna and I both enjoyed a functional swim in separate lanes.

A brief ride back to base, and then we went out in search of Brightlingsea BOOZE.

I knew that an exceptionally high spring tide was expected. The depth of what greeted us down at the Quay was a bit of a WOH moment though.

We couldn't actually pass along one stretch. I needed a pair of fisherman waders.

The Colne Barrier was closed. It excited Anna more than it excited me.

I was too busy doing the usual photo nonsense.

We seemed to attract the attention of a couple of German walkers as we made our way along the estuary and out towards Brightlingsea.

They were over-friendly.

The signal that it was time to back off was when they started to pose by the ever-increasing rising water and removed layers of clothing.

Get a lane, etc.

Destination Brightlingsea was reached.

A brief photo shoot down by the front, and then an aborted attempt to find a chip shop.

And then BOOZE.

The Railway was as lively as ever.

I chuffing LOVE it in there.

We had a pint of Colchester Gold, and then a pint of mild. Plus some pork scratchings for the road.

The bus journey back was spent in the company of @MatthewLinely and @juliaatthehub. We had walked in the exact same footsteps for most of the afternoon.

An early evening surprise was the Death by Chocolate mouse situation.

Anna found a RIGID dead mouse, hanging on for every last breath inside a hidden box of After 8.

We vaguely remember the Mad Cat bringing a mouse in a couple of summers ago that we then couldn't find.

Imagine the sheer JOY for Mr Mouse in finding a draw in which to escape the clutches of the Mad Cat, and then the Brucie bonus of discovering that it had escaped to chocolate wonderland.



The rest of Saturday evening was spent photo editing and watching some Kate Bush catch up stuff on the iPlayer.

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