A f-up for the early morning swim.

I forgot my trunks.


I opted instead to splash about wearing my cycling shorts.

I think that I just about got away with it. The bike ride back to base made for an interesting spectacle.

A morning and afternoon of work.

I road-tested Anna's new desk from the Raj / Colchester.

I rather liked it.

I'll have that, thank you very much.

And then it was:

To @yourcolchester!

Oh Lordy.

It was an EPIC Full Council.

I was wearing my cravat. Anna reckons that I look more like a cowboy than a swaggering Dandy.

There was a definite sense of political mischief in the air ahead of the next round of CBC local elections.

We all know how it's going to end, especially with such mis-guided Leadership from the Opposition.

I was quite pleased with all the hyperlocal nonsense. Plenty of tweets, streaming the audio, and more importantly plenty of interactions with other folk.

And then a blog post to end the day.

My lycra shorts still haven't dried btw.

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