A slightly lethargic morning of stretching and back aches. Blame the bloody wooden benches of the Colchester Borough Council Pubic Gallery from the night before.

The scent of chlorine in my nostrils however soon banished away the stiffness.

Live to swim, swim to live.

I think that I even let out a mid-swim yelp of "YEAH" as I attempted a tumble turn, such was my enthusiasm for the water this morning.

A rainy estuary wilds afternoon of work shifts and jazz defined the rest of the day.

I've strategically positioned myself in the home library [arf] whilst Anna is away. The desk from the Raj / Colchester is proving to be a fine companion for productivity.

It's altered entirely the way that we use the room.

It's gone from being a time piece dumping ground for Anna's antique family furniture, to becoming a rather pleasant place in which to read documents, tap out thoughts and sip sloe gin.

Chin chin.

I've even finally found a home for the Bose speaker dock that we've not used in years. Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers kept me company as the estuary rain pounded the old house.

I then needed some dumbing down to help the mind focus on a particularly perplexing work client.

I revisited the Weller singe, and then put the new Blur track on repeat for half a dozen plays.

That's my usual evaluation period. Play it six times, and if it's still not working then move on.

Both Weller and Blur survived the six plays.

An early evening scare came with the content insurance.

We haven't got any.


This was a genuine oversight. I thought that it was renewed at the same time as the buildings insurance.

Buying a new road bike has at least alerted us to this situation.

Now being addressed.


I had some tricky video editing to finish in the evening.

The SE17 kids played their ukes at the South Bank Centre just before half term. A WHOOPING 2 gig video file landed in Dropbox for me to edit and publish.

I usually work entirely via mobile with iMovie. It is simple, it is intuitive.

The desktop beast however is just so bloody bloated.

I managed to turn the video around, but not after an evening of huffing and puffing.

Nice tunes, though.

And then track cycling / football / DARTS.

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