My RSS feed somehow threw up the new Steve Brookes album very early on Tuesday morning.

It was most pleasant.

There's nothing new in here. But it's certainly 'crafted,' with more than a head nod to the Weller roots.

It sounded just right as the estuary wilds sun started to shine through my freshly cleaned windows.

The swim was rubbish.

I was shunted out of the fast and medium lanes and forced to splash around in the over 65 area.

I might be technically a veteran status, but there's still life in my Billy the Fish body.

I gave up after 20 lengths.

And then straight outta the pool and 20 B & H.

Not me, but a fellow swimmer who lit up after leaving the pool.

What's the point?

@RobertElms gave Wichita Lineman a spin late afternoon. This is nothing unusual.

I was working away downstairs with the estuary wilds golden rays streaming through the back door.

"I need a short vacation. But it don't look like rain."

Nope, it was the first day of spring. It was bloody beautiful.

The speakers on my MacBook were bumped up as the bassline filled the room.

I felt so good I had to make a cup of tea to celebrate.

The 'desk from the Raj / Colchester' was delivered early evening.

The idea was always for it to be Anna's workstation.

I gave it a good clean and took quite a fancy. It's the type of work surface that requires a quill and inkwell.

I positioned it in what we optimistically refer to as the library.

I think I have found a new work home.

I placed the MacBook Air on top of the gift from the Raj / Colchester and bashed out blog posts for bother over here and there.

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By Jason A.Cobb, Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 5:57 PM. All baking done on premises.