Flipper Boy was back at the pool this morning.


I was still groggy on the Night Nurse that I necked late on Sunday evening.

Yer man with the webbed feet kicked me across the lanes to give me something of a wake up call.

Anyone who needs a pair of flippers to swim in a 20m pool has some serious swimming issues.

Back at base and it was another His 'n' Hers working from home day. I don't know how we manage to get through these.

Anna declared ahead of luncheon:

"I might not wash my salad."


Live dangerously girl. Live dangerously.

She then spoilt any pretensions of a life of corporate rebellion by saying to a colleague during a work call:

"OK, let's park this project over here."


The mad cat was a darling all day. Rolling around, hogging the radiators and generally not caring about the pressures of modern living.

No parking the project for her.

I managed to get the windows cleaned in the house during the fading estuary wilds sunlight.

And then it bloody rained.


Online catching up and the Man U Vs Preston match saw off Monday.

No Night Nurse.

Sad face.

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