Back in the pool on Sunday morning for the first time since the lovely lido delivered the second bout of Man Flu for 2015.

The plan was to gently stretch back into the routine.

Presented with a lane to myself and a body stuffed full of pasta, I confess to getting slightly carried away.

Forty power lengths, and then a personal time trial on the bike back to base.


Mid-morning and it was GORGEOUS out in the estuary wilds. Most of the daffs have now delivered. The snowdrops and other unnamed fauna are sprouting up on the lawn.

I did a bit of DIGGING, and then got scrubbed up.

A working trip into town was in the diary.

I have very kindly been asked to professionally blog [ha!] the Warm and Toasty Clubs at Colchester Arts Centre.

Johnno is such a lovely man that it is impossible to say no.

Anna tagged along as the tech back up.

She carried my BIG TECH BAG.

We both had an ACE afternoon, as did the rest of the Arts Centre crowd.

Wivenhoe was represented rather well.

I confess to not feeling at all emotional, but having a slight, slight smile when Johnno sang This is Essex, and this is home...

Not quite.

An awful lot has changed over the past two years.

But at least I can listen to this song now and think, yeah, if it works for you.

I had some more work to finish early evening ahead of Monday morning. Once again it was writing ahem some copy for a couple of high profile sports folk.

No names, blah blah blah.

The character profiles make the 'work' element a lot more fun.

I finished off the weekend by bashing out the bloggage for Warm and Toasty.

A productive day.

A good day.

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