The cricket breakfast wasn't the best start to the weekend.


It was best viewed whilst still slightly drugged up from the Night Nurse that I necked ten hours earlier.

I somehow managed to shake off the DRUGGY lethargy and make it to the pool.

Good news: there is now FREE WiFi at the poolside.

Nope. Me neither.

I didn't do much aquatic action to be honest. Man flu has left me f-ed.

Plenty of steam, the sauna and then the spa.

I winced when I saw a Gym Bunny attempt to dive into the 'deep end' of the 1.5m pool.

Ouch, fella.

And then it was To Colchester! With Anna!

Oh Lordy.

Usually I am the one with the See It, But It mentality. But Anna went off on one today.

Woh. Did she go off on one...

We stopped off for a passing look at the architectural salvage yard. The idea was for door KNOBS for the Stockwell flat.

Five minutes later and she had spunked out the hard cash for an office desk.

It is rather lovely. The sales pitch was that it was shipped in from the Raj during the days of the Empire.

I reckon it was Made in Essex.

The antique theme continued.

Next stop was East Hill. The damage wasn't so bad this time. A grubby fiver for an old tea chest with S Ldn printed on the side.

I've no idea what use it will be, apart from filling up a corner of the flat.

I was tempted by a beautiful blue and white striped shirt. It was rich in quality but not so in price.

There was something familiar about the design.

Mr East Hill Antique said:

"QUALITY those old prison shirts."


I loved the style and cut of the thread. I don't think that I could pull off the chain gang look though.

We walked further into town and looked at some bicycles. I'm just about there for a new road bike upgrade.

Just about.

Colchester Cycles had a bloody good offer on a part carbon, part aluminium Merida. The groupset was a dream.

£400 was knocked off the asking price ahead of the new season.

Why am I even trying to justify this in a crap hit and miss blog post?


We walked away and went to the charity shop next door. I came out £15 lighter, but weighed down with a sharp winter coat - 100% wool, M & S, natch.

And then we went and bought the bloody bike.


It was going to come, sooner or later. I'm not convinced about the white frame (and white tape) but as a machine it is GORGEOUS.

The only issue now was how to transport the two mountain bikes that we rode in on, the new roadie and the tea chest back to base.

We just about managed it on the train.

In all the excitement Anna lost her key for her MTB lock. I found it on the seat, the exact same place where she had left it four hours earlier.

Lucky girl.

Saturday evening was spent cooking and lusting over carbon.


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