An early start spent publishing various school bits and bobs.

I live in fear of announcing a new vacancy at School X, that is in fact at School Y, only to find that School Z clocks my mistake and said thanks but no thanks.

That's why I don't touch school content late in the evening.

I had it all finished ahead of some 10am work training elsewhere.

I can't really write much about it, but it's an 'exciting new project' that really is... an exciting new project.

It marks a change in the way that I've worked before. It's bloody confusing, but thankfully there a 10TB Google drive (sorta) stuffed full of documentation.

Luncheon was taken with PMQs.

It was pathetic.

The new Weller single caught my attention mid-afternoon. It was sufficient for two plays, and then, Mmmm...

I love it that yer man won't stand still. I just wish that he had stopped moving sometime around 1986 though.

The mad cat was a bloody pain all day.

An absolute darling etc, but no concept of having to sit in front of a screen and earn money, rather than roll around and play all day.

I do struggle when I'm on my own to be honest.

Th evening was spent with BBuzz and Chronic crap.

Plus finally managing to publish METROKNOBBERS with @Darryl1974 from Sunday.

And then the second half of the Chelsea Vs Everton game.

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