A surprise cycle into SE17 this morning.

Truth be told and I was killing time.

But time never stands still in SE17.

Tuesday was all about Settee Delivery Day in Sunny Stockwell. Plus some stop / start work shifts after luncheon.

And so three hours to kill ahead of the midday slot for Mr Settee.

I put it to good use at school.

The plan was simply to update the School Cllr snaps.

This somehow stretched to school uniform pics, the posting up of some job ads and then recording Year 5 with their music improvisation.

As ever, job's a good 'un.

I was back in SW8 just in time for the settee.


Except we asked for legs and not castors.

Hey hoe.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the stop / start work shifts, and publishing content from SE21 that was sourced yesterday.

It felt weird working back in the flat. I think that I last did this sometime around 2005. I was surprised how quiet South Lambeth Road actually is during the daytime.

And then early evening and it was time to head back over there.



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