Monday morning lido blues.

The alarm went at 6am, I limped out of bed and thought BUGGER IT.

Personal failure.

Actually a heavy cold. The last time I persisted with winter swimming whilst nursing a cold led to something a little more worrying in the male department.

Hey hoe.

It was all such a shame seeing as though I had to cycle past the lovely lido en route to SE21 around 8:30.

I waved a ceremonial HELLOOOOO to the Icicles.

The rest of the school day was a blur.

Fourteen classes to get through, all ticked off.

Too many highlights. I did enjoy belting out some Oliver! in music, and then straight into the Food Tech space to bake some pizza.


You want more?

Oh, go on then.

The Teaching Twins had me confused. VERY confused.

Over two years of working with them, and today was only the first time that I clicked.


VERY, VERY funny though.

The short cycle back past Brockwell Park, through Brixton and on to Sunny Stockwell was GLORIOUS.

It was still light at 5pm and Stockwell Skatepark was rammed.

Most of the evening was lost in publishing school content.

I found time for another annoying phone call with first utility. This happens every month when I receive my bill. The sooner I ditch, the better.

My road bike went for a BONKERS price on eBay.

But yeah. Cheers, fella.

I found Far East and Far Out for the first time in almost 30 years.

WORD PERFECT, every song.

SE17 tomorrow :blush:

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