A restless night of lido woe.

Why does it have to be this way?

It doesn't. I can quit now and put the lengths in at Brixton Rec.

But where's the challenge in that?

So yeah - tossing and turning, and waking up literally in a cold sweat in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Oh the irony of a cold water swimmer, etc.

But I WILL SWIMM at the lovely lido today, chuffing three degrees or not.

And I did.

I didn't really enjoy it to be honest. Six lengths was all that I could manage.

The water of Lake Brockwell managed to penetrate through my two swimming caps. My head was fucked.

But WOH.

What a fuck.

As ever, I emerged from the beautiful Brockwell blue feeling absolutely ALIVE.

This is what it means to live in South London.


And then I could arse about and laugh at everyone else taking part in the ACE Brockwell Lido Winter Gala.

I spent most of the morning poolside, snapping away at the many races.

It got off to a good start when an old fella from Tooting did a length of Lake Brockwell with a Dalek balanced on his head.

The rest of the morning was part chaotic, part slick.

I was impressed with the speed in which the organisers managed to turn around every race. Waiting around for your roll call in bloody freezing conditions is no fun.

Team Tooting predictably won. I had a lovely catch up with @cabbiescapital. Top man.

And then with the South London sun calling, I couldn't resist a Brixton photoshoot. Low shadows, blue skies - the set up was perfect.

I had nowhere in particular to snap. We're still trying to add as many stock pics as possible to Brixton Buzz.

I wandered around Pope's Road, up Brixton Hill and then back down the other side.

This was where we first lived in London twenty years ago. I've always had a fondness for Brixton Hill.

I ended up back at the Rec, and ready for some basketball.

It was a brilliant game.

The Topcats trailed against Ipswich in the first, stretched ahead in the second and third quarters, and then let it slip again in the fourth.

Hey hoe.

A spot of gardening back in Sunny Stockwell, and then a window clean as the South London sun started to set.

METROKNOBBERS with @Darryl1974 was next up early evening. We're getting increasingly random with our approach and preparation.

We did bugger all ahead of this recording.

It worked rather well.

And then yet more school work to finish off Sunday.

Lovely lido tomorrow morning :blush:

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