A morning spent editing fiddly school pdf's whilst Mr Shutter Man drilled away at my windows. This wasn't the best cure for the hangover.

But hey - job done, on both fronts.

The shutters look prettier than the pdf's.

I cycled off to Brixton just after luncheon. I had a date with the dapper Brixton Market man.

He wasn't aware of this, but my wallet was.

I have long since admired his impressive schmutter from afar. I'm still after a three piece whistle, preferably in tweed.

Yeah. I know.

It wasn't to be on Saturday morning. I did come away with another silk cravat and a wool tie.

Suits you, etc.

By this time I still couldn't shake off the bloody hangover.

Blame @Darryl1974.

The lido had closed for the day and so To Brixton Rec! ...came the chant.

Ahh - the Rec. My spiritual home of swimming.

The pool was actually empty just after luncheon. 30 lengths was the target. I hit 40 and felt incredibly happy.

And then it was over to SE22 to meet up with the rest of the Swaggering Dandies.


Deary me.

Not the best of home games.

My Transpontine calendar has been out of sync with the Hamlet home matches this season. The few times that I have been able to attend have ended in disaster for the Dulwich.

Losing 3-0 at home to the Canvey slags wasn't part of the script.

Still - LOVELY company.

Saturday evening was spent still trying to shake off the cloudy head from the night before, a bit of Brixton Buzz catching up and publishing some school content.

Plus contemplating the unease of the lido for Sunday.

I am running out of reasonable excuses. The pool temperature looks like dipping below 3 degrees for tomorrow morning.


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