A bitterly cold King of Clap'ham Common run to start off Friday. I felt strong first thing. No aches or pains after the Insanity workout on Thursday afternoon.

I plodded down South Lambeth Road, reached Stockwell tube and then pondered: Ouch. This hurts.

43 minutes later and I was back in Sunny Stockwell, with Clap'ham Common conquered.

I've been conquering it for the best part of two decades, yet never truly surrendering to the beauty.

A school day in SW9 lay ahead.

It was Wear Red for School Day, in support of a heart foundation charity.

I kinda messed up. My only hint of red clothing wasn't visible.

Hey hoe.

Friday afternoon was spent making cupcakes with Year 9, in-between hit and run errands taking PE photos. I hadn't the heart to tell the lovely Year 9's that they were baking the foot soldiers of gentrification.

I headed off to Pop / Grow Brixton late in the afternoon.

I was called in by the Pop team for an informal catch up after we have taken an interest in the changing project at Brixton Buzz.

I was made to feel most welcome and got a better insight into the project.

There's still a bloody HUGE story to be told here. Just not sure what is the best way of telling it...

An unexpected visit from Wifey to Sunny Stockwell came early evening. It's rare to see Anna and I together in SW8.

Bloody Essex cat.

And then late evening I headed out towards Brixton again for NOT How Does It Feel with @Darryl1974.

This was our monthly night out together back in the day. With the Canterbury not looking like lasting until the summer, I fear that those foot soldiers of gentrification have bloody won.

ACE night out though.

Dancing, booze, conversation.


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