A working day spent Somewhere in SE17.

It was ACE.

That's probably all I need to write.

Lovely kids, lovely staff, general inspiring stuff.

Same as it ever was, Comrades. Now ELEVEN years and counting.


Some of the Y6 students weren't even born when I first started working in SE17.

I had a moment with an old friend out in the Nursery later in the day. The original wall is still standing, a reminder of what has taken place on the land over the decades.

I'm no great believer in psychogeographic twaddle, but the memories are there in this land and on that wall.

Well, for me anyway.

All happy ones, more or less.

I finished the working day with some Insanity.

Oh Lordy.

Nothing to do with crappy You Don't have to be Mad to Work Here signs (ha, bloody ha) but a full on physical work out.

Well I never.

The younger members of staff have been grunting and groaning a lot of late in the school studio after closing time.

The Insanity DVD is the current craze.

I can do that, I thought.


It wasn't that bad. I was giving away 20 years or so on the Bright Young Things. I kept the pace and even started to enjoy the session.

I got to wear my Forest top at school - always a bonus.

Back at base and I felt pretty similar to how I use to feel back in the day after Joel's circuit training at Brixton Rec.


A long hot soak soon fixed me.

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