A routine day that is probably best served by a blank blog post.

But I'm being selfish in that I personally like having an online day-to-day archive of what I have achieved.

Or rather haven't achieved.

Work commitments meant that I had to pass up the chance to write a BIGGIE of a BBuzz story.

I say BIGGIE - it more or less bloody blew the site over.


It's not all about the traffic, but the eviction of the local traders along Brixton Station Road and Atlantic Road has been incredibly popular.

Mike did a fantastic job, as ever. C4 News and the Standard picked up on the story. The former linked out, the latter never does.

The story itself is significant. This is perhaps one of the last few stretches of old Brixton that is hanging on against the gentrifiers. To lose these local traders would pretty signal the END OF story for Brixton and the fun that we've had over the past couple of decades.

But yeah - I had bloody work commitments.

And so did Anna.

Another day of her recovering from her snowboarding accident, another day of the His 'n' Hers team both sharing the sustainable work hub that we call home.

I retired to the office to try and avoid her 'forthright management style' when on the phone to colleagues that report to her.


Admin dominated Wednesday evening. Financial crap, endless tech back ups and then some planning for a project at Colchester Arts Centre that I'm involved in next weekend.

Escape to Transpontonia for a week tomorrow morning :blush:

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