An early morning cycle through the slush en route to the pool. It was pants.

I cleaned the MTB only yesterday morning. I think that I enjoy the idea of a clean bike more than the actual act of cycling itself.

Nice swim though.


The John Martyn four-fer with @RobertElms was special.

Four deeply personal songs of suffering that speak for most people. I've been living on Solid Air a little myself lately.

Six years ago since the great man left us.

Special, special songs.

"I think that you'd want John Martyn as a friend," as @RobertElms remarked.

It all went slightly BONKERS late afternoon. As we predicted at the start of the week over at Brixton Buzz, Lambeth Council announced future plans for the Minet Library.

Those plans just happen to involve selling off the Minet, AND Waterloo library.

Plus stopping all funding for three other libraries in the borough, to allow residents to take on the management.

How decent...

It wasn't quite pistols at five paces, but yeah, we nailed the story in record time.

I use to have to work under this sort of time pressure all the time in the ITN newsroom. I kinda miss it, but I wouldn't want to go back to doing this full time.

I'd appreciate that next time Lambeth Council decides to close down two libraries it doesn't decide to announce in during a busy working day.

So there.

Horrid, horrid story mind. The Comrades are busy spinning all the positives out of it over on Twitter.


Which all meant that when I looked up from the office shortly after 5pm, it was still light outside.


The snowdrops - plant variety - are blooming in the front garden. The new season starts at The Oval in just over two months time :blush:

More blogging bits and pieces .

Plus the discovery of this ACE Ldn map.

WOH :blush:

I managed to get the mad cat to be not so slightly mad early evening. I admit that I've struggled whilst Anna has been away.

I settled down to watch the one hour Churchill funeral documentary on the iPlayer.

It was a slow starter, but featured some superb social history views of London in 1965. This went on for about fifteen minutes.

I LOVED it, but pondered how they could squeeze the rest of the procession in?

I then realised that I had set up the entire FOUR AND A HALF CHUFFING HOURS of the funeral.

Um, sorry Winnie.



Oh yeah - guess who's gonna SMASH Dry January tomorrow luncheon?

Chin chin.

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