Up early on Wednesday for some blog catching up both here and there.

I tend to keep rough news lists (ha!) of what I'm working on. I usually keep on top of it all, knowing when content needs to appear.

This has all got a little out of hand of late. I spent a couple of hours very early on Thursday morning putting the blog posts back on track.

A run of work shifts then carried me through until early evening. PMQ's was the luncheon distraction.

Gawd it was bloody awful. We've got 99 days of this garbage still to come, Comrades.

The work stuff is getting a little technical. I'm trying to get my head around some background reading material for a new client.

The final output is actually fairly simple. It's the process that slightly concerns me...

I celebrated the end of the working day by... settling my bloody tax bill.


I actually got a fairly good deal. I was expecting a slight credit on what I had already paid last year. The 'slight credit' is just about sufficient to buy a new road bike for the spring :blush:

And then I buggered off to Sunny Colch for the CBC Cabinet meeting.

Oh Lordy.

It went on longer than I was expecting. It was especially... dry.

I had some fun with The Chronic though and the various online interactions.

I was reminded as to why I can never trust a chuffing Tory.

The slightly longer meeting meant that I missed the first half of the football.


I LOVE watching Young Nigel. I've LOVED watching Young Nigel for almost the best part of 30 years.

Sure, it's all about the heritage of carrying the Clough name.

But WHAT a name :blush:

It was lovely to see the Young Man smile when Sheff Utd came back into the game at 2-2. I confess to a slight tear.

But there wasn't to be a happy ending.

The mad cat then demanded some attention. She had plenty of it last night, running across the bed from 2am - 6am.

Cheers, luv.

I bashed out a brief Chronic post to conclude Wednesday.

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