Another day lost to work.

I actually quite enjoyed it.

We've got a number of new clients coming on board. Not a lot that I can blog about, but it always involves endless background reading and clarification of protocols.

The contemporary urban anarchist within [hellooo!] rather likes conformity.

So there.

I dipped in and out of Late Junction and the usual @RobertElms.

Yer man Bob had a bit of a weather theme running throughout the three hours. And bang on cue, right at the end the GLORIOUS synth beats of Long Hot Summer kicked in.

I just knew he would save the best until last.

I had a couple of BBuzz stories over here, plus one eye on the other hyperlocal side over there.

I'm quite pleased with what we did with the BANNING story. There was far more to it than simply one side.

I wanted to be sympathetic, but equally wanted a quote from the Head of Legal.

Ta, Sir.

Chelsea Vs Liverpool entertained me. But not as much as the mad cat. Oh what fun running upstairs with a ribbon. And then running back downstairs again.

Have Liverpool equalised?

I ended Tuesday by editing and publishing Metroknobbers with @Darryl1974.

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