An oddity of a Monday. It never really got going; it never really came to a close.

Work interspersed everything.

Live to work, work to live.

I bought a new settee. That was probably the SEXIEST thing that happened today.

Oh - and trying to start the Supergrass revival - a band definitely in need of a reappraisal. Especially the later period.

We had a busy day over on Brixton Buzz. Nothing to do with my scoop though,

Hey hoe.

The hideous Brixton billboard has now received over 300 objections via the Lambeth planning site. We're still not sure what happened here. It looks like the planning application was very poorly promoted.

The power of a resource like BBuzz / urban75 can be key here.

I spent the evening with one eye on Rochdale Vs Stoke, and one eye publishing the content from SW9 from the back end of last week.

LOVE that school. Seriously love it.

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