Some 9am work training to start off Sunday morning.


Actually it was rather ACE. Short, concise, and well delivered.

New projects ahoy!

I then had ONE task and ONE task only to complete for Sunday: worm the mad cat.

I failed. Badly.

I tried a couple of times to catch her on the back of the neck. She's got wise to this time of the month and always does a runner.

Conceit was required. Don't tell Anna (she's away anyway) but I bought some ham to try and entice the mad cat into my devious world of worming.

She scoffed the ham and looked so content. I hadn't the heart to worm the poor little thing.

The morning swim was equally unsuccessful. I simply couldn't get going.

I managed 30 lengths, and that was your lot.

The racist spa was re-christened Arthritis Club for the day. I fitted in very well for once, sharing woes of aches and pains.

I then fell asleep in the sauna.


I stopped off at the University during the short ride back to base to watch some American football.

I've no idea what was going on. I did see a touch down (I think?) and a bloody painful injury that required a stretcher.

This just about sums it up.

I'll stick with my swimming.

It's definitely staying lighter later outside. I managed some late afternoon anarchic gardening as the estuary sun was setting.

The bloody raspberries are starting to bud.

And so it begins.

I caught the second half of the Brighton Vs Arsenal match.

And then it was time to record Metroknobbers with Darryl.

We had a good run on the Town Hall Pravda's story, with both Lambeth and Greenwich still both holding out. We were also both in absolute agreement as to how ACE Deserter blog is right now.

Some Late Junction catch ups, and a bit of a biggie for Brixton Buzz tomorrow morning concluded Sunday.

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