Up early and full of energy.

Never underestimate the healing power of LIDL pasta from the night before.

I put it all too good use as well.

First off for Saturday was the Brockwell Park Run. I arrived in good time, even managing a lovely catch up with @katiekingswell poolside at the lido.

We were both using the lido lockers ahead of the run. I'm not sure which seemed more daunting at 8:45am - the 5km run around the park, or the 4 degrees lido dip that was to follow.

I approached the run as simply an exercise in getting around. My calf muscle is still slightly sore.

'Athletes' forever have niggles and little and mind injuries.

This was a HUGE turn out for the weekly race that isn't a race - 300 plus.

It made the first stretch and turn into the Brixton Water Lane corner a little tight.

One lap in and I felt good.

Blimey - a PB could be on here.

I put my foot down for the second lap, but missed out on a new PB by over a minute.

Madam Pace Maker came and joined me as I queued up to clock my time.

She is fresh from a two week running holiday (!) - no surprises that she clocked a time today almost a minute ahead of me.

A few more conversations, and then soon I was in the changing rooms of the lovely lido.


There was talk of ice blades in the water yesterday. I didn't really want to do this.

The South London sun was strong though, covering one side of the pool and allowing the Brockwell blue to shine through.

1 - 2- 3 and I was in.


Nothing to it.

Tens lengths later and I 'fell out' of the pool. My poncey swimming socks were full of ice cold water. I couldn't feel my toes.

A quick shower, and then I was Brixton bound. It was too good Transpontine weather to not indulge in a little photography.

Nothing special - mainly some stock pics for Brixton Buzz.

We seem to be posting up pretty much the same image of Lambeth Town Hall every day. I'm not sure if this is a comment on the limitations of our photo library, or the sheer number of stories coming out of the Town Hall right now.

Brixton wasn't quite... buzzing, but it did feel very special. It was 11am and you could sense that the town was shaping up for the Saturday rush that was to follow.

Sadly not for me.

I was under strict housework orders back in the flat.

The floor men did a bloody good job in tidying up. But I still had to go round and hoover all the edges and window frames etc.

Phew. Rock 'n Roll Saturdays.

The treat for the afternoon was a trip up the Walkie Talkie.

I BLOODY HATE that building.

But I managed to blag one of the first freebie tickets for the Sky Garden viewing gallery at the start of the year.

I had picked the perfect Saturday weather in which to look down on London.

I'm pretty crap at writing about architecture. I'll simply link to m'photoblog instead.

All of these came straight out of the box with no digital jiggery pokery. I simply haven't got the time right now.

I really wanted to hate the whole corporate experience. But is cost me absolutely NOTHING. I was given a stunning free view of my beautiful city. I didn't even buy a coffee.

The staff were charming and very helpful. It's just a pity that it looks a bloody BRUTE from the outside.

Plus South London was left in a haze. I could just about follow the route of South Lambeth Road down from St George's Tower. But no great detail.

I'll be back for a second look sometime soon.

I had some business over in Stratford late in the afternoon. I made the mistake of cycling it along CS2.


I seem to remember saying that I would never cycle this route around five years ago.

An evening of online catch up and school publishing finished me off for Saturday.

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