No lovely lido for Friday morning. The winter 8am opening time means that I miss morning assembly. Not good.

That's my excuse anyway.

I took a King of Clap'ham Common run instead. My lido logic was kinda vindicated when I saw that the Clap'ham fishing pond had frozen over.

I've got plenty of time for a lovely swim on Saturday.


And then it was SW9 bound, school assembly et al.

The morning was spent with a spot of ICT, PSE and PE.

It was all ACE.

The afternoon was a 'challenge' but brilliant fun.

A touring theatre company was at school to present a drama workshop to the pupils who are off to see Cats in the West End next week.

The phrase 'drama workshop' by definition means interaction. There's no hiding place. You leave your dignity at the door and join in.

To sit on the sidelines would be even less dignified.

I actually loved it.

For an hour or so I was on all fours in the school hall, exploring my feline side.

I knew that the 'O' Level in Drama (Grade B, natch) would come in handy.

Straight outta Cats and into School Council.

Isn't that what George Galloway once did?

School Council in SW9 is much more than simply playing lip service. The pupils have some decent solutions as well.

I cycled up to Streatham late afternoon for an informal meeting with a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

Not telling, Comrades.

I've got a similar 'date' in two weeks time as well.

Much of the evening was spent rolling around on the freshly sanded and lacquered Sunny Stockwell floor.

I did a fair bit of purring.

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