The morning commute was livened up with the sight of the Brixton Cycles livery by Borough Market.

Top to toe, red, gold and green LOVELY lycra.

Chapeau Sir!

It set me up for a working day down in SE17.

I sat through an AMAZING maths workshop mid-morning.

Confession: I often struggle with Maths Week. What is needed is someone to add some energy and dynamism to what can be a dull subject.

This was delivered on Thursday by Dr Sara, the Magical Maths Magician.

She was absolutely ACE. The pupils and staff both loved her. I actually learnt something.

We had a surprise IT result with the continued efforts to blag free copies of Office365 for all staff.

We were politely asked to use the name servers for the school website and surrender these over to Microsoft.

Balls to that.

My makeshift solution seems to have worked - I bought up a dummy school domain and simply changed the name servers on these.


Freebie software all round. And a nice chunky 1TB of cloud storage for me.

I bumped into an ex-pupil late in the day who is helping out in the Nursery. I haven't seen her for almost eight years.

It wasn't as awkward as it could have been. I recognised the face, but of course I forgot the name.


Great to see her back in SE17 though, fully matured and keen to give something back.

The bloody fridge hinge saga continued on the commute back to SW8. Having spent what seemed like the entire second half of 2014 chasing an elusive faulty top fridge hinge for the tenants, the bottom hinge is now bloody buggered.

Or so we were told.

It wasn't as bad as that.

It was slightly weird being back in the old house. I did steal a cheeky minute or so down in the cellar, listening out for the reassuring rumble of the Northern Line down below.

And then back in Sunny Stockwell and it was all about the post-floor renovation tidy up.

Oh Lordy.

Anna and I both knew that we would fall out. We weren't wrong.

Both tired after a day at work, and a whole flat to put back together.

The bloody bed took an age.

The floor looks ACE though.

So that makes it OK.

I received some very good job news, very, very late in the day. Far too late to celebrate.

But YEAH :blush:

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