A stop / start work day once again. It was too bloody cold to actually go out and do something creative during the stop periods.

I REALLY fancied Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise late afternoon.

Not me, for sure.

I wore this record out back in the day. But I didn't have it to hand for the midweek work shift.

No worries - Spotify was my friend.

I seem to be getting a hit and miss rate with the Spotify ads of late. Today was definitely a miss moment.

A bloody awful ad in-between every song.

Sure, the idea of Spotify ads is to force you to upgrade, rather than just buy the bollocks being advertised.

Most were for some dreary sub-lite Coldplay miserablist crap.

Ta, but no thanks.

The Art of Noise meanwhile was just FUN - when I could get the tracks to stream, that is.

I seemed to spend most of the non-working parts of the day chasing and trying to stack up a pretty big story for Brixton Buzz.

It fell through right at the end of the day :disappointed:

Hey hoe.

It was worth it putting all the legwork in. It would have been so easy just to run with it, and then double check the facts later.

Nice headline, dodgy story.

I'm pleased that caution was used.

I did manage to get a story out of PMQ's for over there.

And then very late in the day, and completely out of the blue, some old pictures of Dorset Road dropped in my inbox.


This kinda justifies what I do - poking my camera around and catching the rapid pace of change in South London, then blogging about it.

The images came via a chap who had found a similar Dorset Road piece on m'blog from almost five years ago.

The modern interweb remains a wonderful tool for connecting communities.

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