A lane to myself for the morning swim. I celebrated by putting in 50 power lengths. I felt strong until the end.

Slightly wobbly in the shower, mind.

Back at base and it was a working morning mixed with cricket catch ups, anarchic gardening and waiting for Mr Delivery Man to drop off an entire lighting set up for the Sunny Stockwell flat.

I managed to escape for a brief stroll mid-afternoon. Nothing too exciting - picking up Swiss currency for Anna ahead of a snowboarding trip.

It looks like Monopoly money to me.

I had a mixed soundtrack for the working day: Late Junction, Gilles Peterson, Robert Elms with Paul Simenon (ACE), back to Peterson, and then a catch up with Newsnight from Monday.

The General Election predictors and subsequent policies make for grim viewing.

Tuesday evening was spent trying to stack up a few Brixton Buzz stories, chasing quotes and having my head buried deep in Council docs.

Equally grim.

I started to give a little thought to my digital death.


I have so many sites, services, content - all statched away with only access via me.

I need to put together an offline document that gives access to these in case of, well, in case of y'know.

This is especially important for my work sites.

But it's a bloody depressing job just thinking about it.

Plus where to start? And how to implement?

Online services are available, but I just don't trust any service up in the cloud with all of this highly sensitive login information.

I think that I'll resort to pen and paper, and the file it away with my will in the bomb box up in the loft.


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