Straight off the bike, fully clothed and straight into the sauna first thing on Monday morning.


That was a bloody cold bicycle ride.

I had two pairs of gloves on, but still couldn't feel the end of my fingers. Locking up my bicycle was a challenge.

I stood around in the sauna, waiting for the heat to come through.

And then I took off my clothes off and dived into a tepid pool.

Those lido tears ahead of the weekend are already starting to peak a little too soon.

It was a relatively quiet stop / start work day. Much of it was spent making 'plans' for what is to come.

I became slightly restless mid-afternoon. I had a weird NEED to go and kick a football.

I 'retired' (ha!) around 2008 when my knackered knee first appeared. Arthritis has since followed.

Both are manageable with some serious stretching. I really fancied a game of 5-a-side late afternoon though,

Back in the day and Monday nights were all about 5-a-side down at Brixton Rec. I wonder if all the old crowd still have a kick-about?

Next week, maybe...

But for this evening it was watching the big boys on TV.

We settled down to watch Anna's Blue Nose boys against West Brom.

I can do that.

I think.

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