A restless mad cat got us up far too early for Saturday morning.


Um, cheers, dear.

I made use of time with some photo editing, plus a little BBuzz action.

Mr Postman broke the concentration with the delivery of an ACE pair of retro cycling tights.

I've already got a couple of pairs, but they have both seen better days. I got lucky on eBay this week with a packaged pair that hadn't been opened since they were first manufactured a couple of decades ago.

I needed them as well for the short ride to the pool. It was bloody freezing. My fingertips never really recovered.

A brief sauna session, and then we were back at base for the Brian Clough derby.

Oh Lordy.

I didn't have high hopes to be honest. Come half-time and these were well-founded.

But then somehow Forest finally started to play for the manager. It only took 20 or so games to get there.

The post-luncheon period was spent singing anti D****y songs that were thought long lost to folk history.

Robert Maxwell, Arthur Cox, the Sheep-dip - all were resurrected from my mental tricky tree scrapbook.

And then we went to Colchester as the come down.

Lights were on the shopping list. Having splashed out for some lights back in Sunny Stockwell for the flat, we've now found that they are not bright enough.


The solution is yet more lights.

Buying lightbulbs is now bloody tricky. Long gone are the days of the 49p screw bulbs.

Our trek across town involved taking in the two light shops that seem to stretch from one side of the town to the other.

Light Shop A had the bulbs, but not the lamps; light Shop B did the business.

In-between was a little more rock 'n' roll.

Or even Mod.

I braved the Mod Shop. I was wearing my cravat, crombie and cherry reds. I think that I just about got away with it.

There was some decent gear in there. I came out with a beret - which is not quite as eyebrow raising at it may sound.

I made the most of the Sunny Colch weather, doing the photo thing and looking for long shadows around the town.

I was slightly caught in my shadow if I'm being honest.

We bumped into @jdoyleoriginal outside the Mod Shop. It was a decent photographic conversation. He's probably my favourite photographer right now.

A brief pit / stop toilet stop @firstsite, and then we wandered down East Hill.

I've got my eye on a lovely Chesterfield settee at the ACE East Hill antiques shop. The price is incredibly reasonable - £200. We'd have to pay transport costs for Sunny Stockwell, plus I'm not entirely sure that it will actually fit up the stairs in the flat.


And then finally Light Shop B where we bought a floor light for the flat.

We hitched a ride on the train at Hythe station.

The Newcastle Vs Southampton match kept me company during another set of photo editing.

CLASH EVENING Part II followed.

We watched the New Year's Day doc once again.

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