Cricket breakfasts - the BEST.

Especially so when I awoke on Friday morning to also hear that Surrey have finally signed the deal to bring Kumar Sangakkara to The Oval for this summer.

Two months and counting...

No such wait for the England ODI team Down Under.

The England innings was almost over by the time it took me to eat my Bran Flakes.

Ta for coming, etc.

I had a bit of BBuzz early morning blogging, at the 'request' of a Vauxhall Tory boy.

I don't think that this was the outcome that he wanted.

I managed to get the new Garmin configured and set up for hopefully a spring and summer of estuary wilds cycling.

It's a bloody fiddly process installing the talkytoaster freebie open source maps. But it's got to better than forking out for a high end Garmin and the official maps.

And then there was time for a quick swim, and then settling down for a morning and afternoon of stop / start work shifts.

I got kicked hard in the ribs whilst swimming.

No physical pain from the working day, only all in the mind.

Booker T turned up with @RobertElms late in the afternoon. He sounded as COOL as you would expect.

Elms fells to pieces, clearly in awe of the great man.

I bashed out the listings for the Wivenhoe Forum just before we settled down for CLASH EVENING. I'm crap at keeping diary dates fresh. I breathe a sigh of relief each month whenever the task is complete.


I speed read the Johnny Green book over the brief festive break. Time to catch up with Clash on screen stuff.

Anna pleads ignorance. I thought it worthy of a Friday night brief overview.

We watched Westway to the World, and then sung along to the Julian Temple New Year's Day screening once again.

If you're in the Crown tonight, have a drink on me, etc Comrades.

Stay free.

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